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Knut Ditlev-Simonsen

Born: 6. September 1974
Education: Candidatus Juris from the University of Oslo

Work: Currently unemploy as he quit his jobb at The Norwegian Ministry of
Justice and the Police to make this trip
Marital status: Single
From: Bærum, Norway

About: Knut was born the 6th September1974 in Oslo, Norway. He has two
siblings, one older sister Helen, and a younger brother Andreas. In addition
he has 3 younger half siblings, Simen, Tora and Guri.

Knut has had a taste of travel since his early childhood, which he thinks
probably comes from his family moving to Singapore when he was only one year
old. The family only lived in Singapore for three years, and all though Knut
doesn't remember much, he has had a strong taste for foreign traditions and
the Asian cuisine ever since. After finally finishing High School in 1993,
and a mandatory year of military service in summer 1994, Knut was ready to
explore the world.

After travelling around the world for 9 months, Knut, to his parents relief,
finally started to study at the University of Oslo in 1995.

Starting to study for a university degree however diden\'t stop Knut from
spending longer periods of time travelling in Asia and South America,
including Vietnam, Cuba, Honduras, Bolivia and Peru. He also included a
6-month exchange program at the University of Sydney in Australia, where he
ended up sharing apartment with Jens and Ketil in the Millennium Tower!!.
Finally rounding it all up with an internship at Advocate Barfod in
Spitsbergen autumn 2002 (the northern most community in the world), Knut
competed his Law degree in december 2002.

Knut was, at last, ready to start his working career and has since then
worked in Aetat, The Royal Ministry of Education and until departure at The
Royal Ministry of Justice and the Police.

However Knut is a curios and restless guy and immediately started planning,
dreaming and talking even more about driving through Africa. Although the
idea manifested years before, during his second year at law school, it was
first in 2005, after a couple of years of searching for at travell companion
and nagging on Jens, the project finally took off. Jens had finally come to
his senses and committed to the project.

On his spare time (or whats left of it after all the planning for the trip)
Knut likes to hang out with friends. He is also a dedicated hunter and
spends most of the autum and winter in Røros hunting grouse and woodland
bird with friends and his dad.

''Drive through Africa? No problem.''
''..we take it as it comes..''


Currently Knut is working at the lawfirm of Staff AS ( as a criminal defense lawyer.



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