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Jens Thomas Thommesen

Born: 16. December 1975
Education: Candidatus Juris from the University of Oslo
Work: The Consumer Ombudsman
Marital status: Single
Weight at departure:_ 83 kg
From:_ Arendal, Norway

About: Jens was dreaming of a year off in a nice sailboat cruising around
in the Caribbean, the South Pacific and likewise. As an alternative he
wanted to travel around in South America. However Knut managed to delay
these plans for a while, as he now has succeded talking Jens into believing
that nine to twelwe months behind the steering wheel will be great fun...

Jens was born in 1975 in the south of Norway in a small town called Arendal,
where his parents still live. He has two older siblings, Nils Andreas and
Cline. Nils Andreas lives with his family in Trondheim and Cline lives
with her daughter at Englegaard in Tvedestrand running her own hotel/hostel.

Jens moved to Oslo in 1995 where he took his law degree at the University of
Oslo, graduated in 2002. Beside several trips around in Europe, Jens has
between 1995-2002 made a seven months "world around"-backpack trip, lived in
the little surfer\'s village Puerto Escondido (Mexico) for some months and
studied a semester at University of Sydney.

In the wintertime his favourite spare time hobby is going with good friends
up in the Norwegian mountains snowboarding. But the annual trip to the
French alps is of course the peak of the cold season. In the summer time
sparetime activities ranges from tennis and beach volleyball to mountain
biking and kayaking. Last year Jens rediscovered the fantastic world of
windsurfing, and he is hoping to pay some visits to some
windsurfing/surfing-rentals around the African coastline. A part from this,
Jens enjoys taking pictures with his digital SLR camera or just spending
time with his friends.


"Beiing equipped with a big memorycard, why not try to fill it?"

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